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Sleep Apnea & Snoring Treatment

Sleep Apnea Treatment - I Hate CPAP !

Choosing a Sleep Apnea Doctor - Tips for patients in finding the perfect sleep apnea professional

About I hate CPAP! - Information about our practice and philosophy of care

About Doctor Shapira - Dr. Ira Shapira's experience and training

About Doctor Amidei - Dr. Mark Amidei's experience and training

About Doctor Gromling - Dr. Thomas Gromling's experience and training

About Dr. Aditi Desai - Dr. Aditi Desai's experience and training

Snoring - What causes snoring and how it affects your health

Sleep Apnea Symptoms - Signs that you are suffering from sleep apnea

Sleep Apnea Causes - What causes sleep apnea

Sleep Apnea Diagnosis - How our dentists effectively diagnoses cases of sleep apnea

Sleep Apnea Treatment - Describes a wide range of treatment options for sleep apnea patients

Obstructive Sleep Apnea - Information about the symptoms of OSA

Oral Appliance Therapy - All about the benefits of appliance therapy in managing sleep apnea

Oral Appliance Problems - Problems and pitfalls with oral appliances

Appliance FAQs - Answers to your questions about oral appliance therapy

CPAP Appliances - Information on CPAP appliances

CPAP - The CPAP device and how it controls apnea

CPAP Problems - Problems with the CPAP device

CPAP Mask Problems - Problems with the CPAP Mask

Dental Medicine - About Dental Medicine

Dental Sleep Medicine - About Dental Sleep Medicine

Sleep Apnea in Children - About Sleep Apnea in Children

Surgery - Description of surgical options for sleep apnea patients

Behavioral Therapy - Behavioral and lifestyle changes to decrease the negative effects of apnea

Medication - What medications may help relieve symptoms of apnea

Anti-Aging Medicine - How this facet of medicine can improve quality of life for sleep apnea patients

About Sleep Apnea - General information about sleep apnea

Sleep Apnea FAQs - Answers to your frequently asked questions about sleep apnea

Snoring - We offer treatment for snoring

Snoring Home Remedy - We provide information on treatments for snoring

Other Sleep Disorders - We treat a wide variety of sleep disorders

Sleep Apnea Blog - An online journal of events and patient feedback

Sleep Apnea Resources - Our resources and a description of technology we use

Financing & Insurance - how we make sleep apnea treatment affordable

Patient Testimonials - How sleep apnea treatment has improved the quality of life for patients

Creating a Sleep Diary - Monitor your own sleep patterns with this effective technique

Sleep Apnea Resources - More information on sleep apnea

Find a Doctor - Find a sleep apnea doctor in the USA or in Canada

Contact Us - Contact sleep apnea professionals

Schedule a Consultation Online - Convenient way to schedule a Sleep apnea treatment appointment

Patient Forms - Printable patient forms

Resources - Dentists across the USA