The Two Most Important Facts Every Migraine Sufferer Needs To Know

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Posted: April 15, 2017

It may seem very simple but it is extremely important to understand that all headaches and migraines are controlled by the Trigeminal Nerves.  These are the paired  V (fifth) cranial nerves.  The Trigeminl nerve is often called the Dentist's nerve because it is the nerve that goes to the teeth and the gums.  In fact, the trigeninal nerve is the single largest input to the brain accounting for over 50% of input to the brain after amplification in the reticular activatng system.  If you have a headache or migraine it is safe to assume that the trigeminal nerve is the innervation.

Nociception (pain input) into the Trigeminal nerve is a primary trigger of all headaches and migraines.  The sixty plus symptoms of TMJ Disorders (TMD) are almost always present either singly or in groups in every patient with chronic headache or migraine.  Changing the input to the trigeminal nerve is the key to controlling, treating and eliminating migraines.  There is excellent evidence that failing to treat the trigeminal nerve associated TMJ problems leads to failure in the treratment of migraine.
IOt has also been shown treating both disorders will lead to successful treatment of migraines and more importantly successful treatment of T%MJ disorders can completely eliminate migraines.

The second fact is that the trigeminal nervous system is closely integrated into the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system via the Sphenopalatine (SPG) or Pterygopalatine Ganglion.  It is the largest parasympathetic ganglion of the head and also contains sympathetic and somato sensory nerves.  The Sphenopalatine ganglion is the major control center outside of the trigeminal nerve for controlling headachers.

Every migraine sufferer needs to know these 6 letters "TMJ" and "SP{G"

A ggogle search of these 6ix letters TMJ and SPG will lead to numerous articles showing that the Sphenopalatine Ganglion is the key to eliminating headaches and migraines.  It will also reveal that the SPG Block is the key to eliminating headaches, migraines, cluster headaches and other chronic pain.

Actually, the SPG Block resets the autonomic nervous system and Neuromuscular
treatment of TMJ and MPD disorders eliminates the underlying causes of pain.

An intresting fact in all headache, migraine and
TMJ patients is there has never been found a congenital condition of insufficient medication.  The multitude of medication (very occasionally needed) is the exception not the rule when the SomatonSensory input from the Trigeminal Nervous system is controlled in conjunction with establishing a healthy autonomic nervous system.

Every headache paitient needs to know six letters
TMJ and SPG to improve their quality of life!