Treating vs Curing Sleep Apnea: Epigenetic Orthodontics with The DNA Appliance Can Grow a Larger Airway

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Posted: March 15, 2017

There is finally a cur.e for Sleep Apnea after years of Sleep Apnea Treatment.

The DNA Appliance can grow larger healthier airways.

Science now needs to do the research to determine what percentage of patients can be cured and be free of oral appliance and CPAP.

The fields of Sleep Medicine and Dental Sleep Medicine have come a long way since Colin Sullivan first invented CPAP.  Prior to the invention of CPAP it was not uncommon for Sleep Apnea Patients to have tracheotomies to open their airways.

CPAP was a revolutionary change that offered a non-surgical alternative to tracheotomy and was quickly declared the Gold Standard of treatment.

This was a lie!  While CPAP was very successful in terms of efficacy it failed the majority of patients.
Only 25% of patients were actually successful with CPAP and used it on a nightly basis.  The miracle invented by Colin Sullivan failed the majority of patients.

To make CPAP more successful the sleep community encouraged by CPAP manufacturers with very deep pockets declared that CPAP use 4 nights a week for 4 hours a night was successful treatment of sleep apnea.  Never mind that meant efficacy after factored for time used was far below 50%.

This was  good news for the field of Dental Sleep Medicine.  95% of patients offered  choice between CPAP and an Oral Appliance preferred the Appliance but conventional wisdom was oral appliances were less successful than CPAP.

This again was a lie,  Oral Appliance efficacy was equal to or  higher than CPAP after time of treatment was factored in.

It was the determined that CPAP was superior to Oral Appliance was more successful than Oral Appliances for severe sleep apnea.  It was then conceded that for mild to moderate sleep apnea oral appliances were a first line approach to treating obstructive sleep apnea equal to CPAP.  Factoring in efficacy it turns out oral appliances may have higher effectiveness that CPAP even for severe sleep apnea.

It has been reported that Colin Sullivan who invented CPAP wears an Oral Appliance.  What is that all about?  The invention of CPAP was not for mild to moderate sleep apnea but an alternative to tracheotomy for sever sleep apnea.  Colin Sullivan with a milder condition did the same as most patients, when offered a choice he chose the comfortable alternative.

CPAP is actually excellent treatment for the one in four patients who love it and use it all night every night.  For the majority of patients oral appliances are superior to CPAP after factoring in comfort and wear times.

CPAP has greatly improved over the years with features like ramping, smaller quieter light weight machines and a plethora of masks , hoses and features that make CPAP or BiPAP or APAP treatment more comfortable for those who chose to wear it and does nothing for the 65% of patients who abandon CPAP.

Oral Appliances also have issues with fit, comfort, cost, bite changes (due to healing) and problems like being lost, left in motels and eaten by dogs.  Patients prefer Oral Appliances in spite of all these issues but would still prefer not to need an appliance at all.

The DNA Appliance can grow a larger airway and offers a cure for sleep apnea.  The mRNA version can grow the airway and act to hold the airway open during treatment.

There are excellent clinical case studies showing that the DNA Appliance can grow larger airways and cure patients of Sleep Apnea.  The problem is large scale prospective studies are still lacking.

Sleep Apnea is a developmental Disorder that is due to underdeveloped maxillas.  Dr Robert Corruccini has documented this in his book "What Anthropology Teaches us about Orthodontic Diagnosis"  It has been made worse by Retraction orthodontic treatment that is still widely practiced.

It is now possible to cure sleep apnea for some patients with the DNA and mRNA Applianceswhich grow larger airways.

I routinely treat patients with these appliances in my Highland Park in Northern Illinois.
Visit my websites and to learn more about treating and curing sleep apnea.

More important, the knowledge now exists to prevent children from devloping sleep apnea as adults.  Early treatment of airway issues can prevent a wide variety of problems and behavioral disorders like ADD, ADHD, Oppositional Disorders, dyslexia and more.

The AAMS (Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences)  just had a meeting in Chicago.  Prevention can start at birth by freeing tongue ties to allow the baby to nurse and naturally grow healthier airways.  Dr Kevin Boyd is a pediatric dentist in Chicago who is doing airway treatment in children as young as two years of age.  In England Profesor Mew is growing larger airways with orthoptics and Dr Willian Hang is doing the same in California.

It is time for the public to demand that the orthodontic profession recognize and treat airway in all orthodontic patients, especially children.

It is time for the dental profession to understand that orthodontic referral at 12 or 13 is unacceptable.  It is a dentists responsibility to recognize airway issues and refer fot orthopedic and pneumopedic treatment as early as two years old.

By 7 years old it is too late to prevent ADD and ADHD.  Brain development has already been interrupted in children with sleep disordered breathing.

It is time for medical schools to train doctors thoroughly in early diagnosis of airway issues.

It is time for Oral Myofunctional Therapy be universally recognized for its importance in treating airway and other issue.