How to Choose the Right Sleep Apnea Dentist

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When selecting a doctor to manage and treat your sleep apnea condition, there are several factors to consider. Although sleep apnea specialization is becoming a more common practice among physicians and dentists, it takes a smart combination of characteristics to create a well-respected reputation in the field.

The following tips may help you narrow your search and choose a sleep apnea dentist you can trust:

  • Experience: You want to look for a sleep apnea doctor who has many years of experience treating sleep apnea patients.
  • Knowledge: Try to look for a sleep apnea doctor who has depth of knowledge about the field - one who has researched and performed many sleep studies, one who offers every treatment available in his field, and one who has the intellect and tools to diagnose even the most difficult cases of sleep apnea.
  • Training: Choose a doctor who has been thoroughly trained by well-respected institutions and knows all of the modern research and studies in the sleep apnea field. In addition to being a Diplomat of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, Dr. Shapira's training is extensive.
  • Continuing Education: Look for a sleep apnea doctor who stays current on all the latest trends and treatments in the field. Ask about continuing education and find out how your doctor institutes modern practices.
  • Treatment Options: Because each case of sleep apnea has unique characteristics, you ultimately want to find a sleep apnea doctor who has a wide variety of treatment options available, including medication, oral appliances, anti-aging medicine, behavioral therapy, CPAP, and surgical sleep apnea treatment. With many options for treatment, you're chances of success are increased. If the doctor does not provide all treatments, he should work closely with other practitioners who do.
  • Credentials: Ask about your doctor's credentials. Make sure his training and experience are verifiable, and ask about any distinctive awards, nominations, appointments or memberships.
  • Memberships: Is your dentist a member of the Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, or the American Academy of Sleep Medicine?
  • Commitment: Ask your doctor what motivated him or her to get into the sleep disorder field. In what ways has your doctor shown an ongoing commitment to the field of sleep apnea?
  • Personal Care: Ask about your doctor's personal care philosophy. In what ways does your doctor promote personal care in the office? How will your doctor and his staff go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and gain your trust? Be sure that your doctor recognizes the relationship between neuromuscular dentistry and sleep apnea.
  • Research and Technology: Is your doctor committed to the latest advances in the field of sleep apnea? What modern technology does your doctor use, and how does the office integrate research into their practice?
  • Patient's Interests: Does your sleep apnea doctor have each patient's best interests in mind? How does the staff go out of their way to help you achieve your treatment goals?
  • Compassion: Does your doctor display kindness and compassion? Does he have a caring bedside manner and express a willingness to help you achieve healthy sleeping patterns? Are the doctor and staff genuinely friendly?

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