CPAP Appliances

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CPAP can relieve sleep apnea in most people, but compliance prevents many users from getting the full benefits. Choosing the right CPAP appliance can be the key to comfort and to effective CPAP therapy. There are many CPAP appliances to choose from, greatly increasing your chance for success.

Nasal Mask

Most CPAP users start out with the nasal mask. It seals around your nose and is held in place with headgear or straps.

Nasal Cushion

The nasal cushion is similar to the nasal mask, but instead of covering your entire nose, it goes under your nose. Some patients find this more comfortable because it does not cover the tip or rest o the bridge of your nose.

Nasal Pillow

The nasal pillow is slightly different to the nasal cushion. It seals on the edges of your nostrils, and again does not cover your entire nose. It makes even less contact with your face, allowing for a good seal for people who sleep on their sides and bump other designs out of place and those who have facial hair which interferes with sealing.

Nasal Prong

The nasal prong fits like the cannula you have probably seen people wear while they are on oxygen. A small tube goes into each nostril. This reduces the bulk of other designs, but some people can’t tolerate having something in their nose. Even with this simple design, a proper fit is very important.

Full Face Mask

The full face mask is often the second style that people try, because it can alleviate some of the most common problems people have with CPAP. It works for great for mouth breathers and people who have trouble breathing through their noses due to congestions, colds, or allergies. It covers the nose and mouth to keep the pressure equal and keep your treatment consistent and effective, even when your mouth is open.

Like the nasal mask, the full face mask is held in place by headgear or straps.

Total Face Mask

The total face mask covers your entire face, not just your nose and mouth. It is rarely used, but for people with unique problems, it can mean effective CPAP therapy.

Oral Mask

Also rarely used, the oral mask delivers air only through your mouth. This device must be used with a heated humidified CPAP unit.

Find the Solution That's Right for You

Your sleep specialist can help you choose the CPAP appliance which will be the most comfortable for you and serve your unique needs. Sometimes it is necessary to try several different styles before you find the one that works with the way you breathe, the shape of your face, and the way you sleep. Comfort and proper functioning of CPAP appliances also depends on taking proper care of them by keeping them clean, and replacing older or worn out masks and mask parts.

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