Sleep Apnea Treatment

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Depending on each patient's diagnosis, sleep apnea treatment may be as simple as a lifestyle change such as weight loss or change in diet. Other patients may benefit from the help of a specially designed oral appliance, which prevents airway blockage, and more severe cases of apnea may require surgery to prevent upper airway obstruction.

First and foremost, our dentists will examine your living habits and make recommendations for behavioral therapy, such as avoidance of alcohol or sedatives, or sleeping in a new position. Use of pillows to alter your nighttime breathing habits may be suggested. Mechanical therapy in the form of a device called a CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure, uses a mask with an air blower to force air through the patient's upper airway, assuring constant inhalation of adequate amounts of oxygen.

Our sleep apnea dentists will help you decide which dental sleep medicine treatment or combination of treatments will work best for you. Click on the links below for more information about our sleep apnea treatment options:

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