Creating a Sleep Diary

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man with sleep apnea having restless nightMonitoring your sleep patterns is very important in reaching a diagnosis and assessing the progress of sleep apnea treatment. Grab a notebook and pen and set them on your nightstand for evening or morning recordings. You should document every nuance you observe regarding your sleeping habits, including:

  • How often you awaken during the night
  • Instances where your snoring is so loud that it wakes up you or your partner
  • Any shortness of breath or breathing irregularities
  • Any unusual symptoms, such as night sweats, anxiety, irritability, or insomnia
  • Characteristics that your partner observes, such as severity and loudness of snoring, tossing and turning, instances of halted breathing, and others
  • Effects of interrupted sleep manifested during the daytime, such as daytime drowsiness, inability to concentrate, and lack of energy

A sleep study will be a key tool in your diagnosis and treatment plan development, but keeping a sleep diary will help our dentists get an edge as to where recurring problems lie and how to best target them to find a solution. Maintaining a sleep diary throughout treatment will help you and the dentist discover what may or may not work and help track the effects of oral appliances, medication and/or behavioral therapy.

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