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Sleep Apnea & Snoring Treatment

Sleep apnea diagnosis is done with the help of a PSG, or polysomnogram, a special series of tests performed overnight while you sleep. During a PSG test, a patient's body functions, including eye movement, muscle activity, breathing patterns, blood oxygen levels, and brain function will be closely monitored and abnormalities will be identified. Using the TAP appliance during PSG, the sleep technician uses sleep apnea dentist Dr. Shapira's protocol for determining the ideal jaw position to eliminate apnea and snoring. Tap 1 diagnosis is the only appliance that can be titrated in the sleep lab while the patient is asleep.

Migraines with tiredness and snoring, migraines without tiredness and snoring, and other carefully observed symptoms will help your physician determine what type of sleep apnea you have and how best to treat your condition. We will also need to get a complete health and family history from each patient.

Dr. Shapira's titration protocol, put together by sleep apnea dentist Dr. Shapira, then modified based on the research of fellow sleep apnea professionals Dr. Hart and Dr. Masse, is used at many sleep centers. Dr. Shapira's carefully monitored diagnosis program has helped thousands of patients identify the cause of their Sleep Apnea Diagnosisinadequate sleep and alleviate resulting sleep apnea symptoms and sleep apnea health risks with personalized treatment. Other factors may be utilized in diagnosis, including an MRI test, tests for underlying causes, observations of partners, and personal cognitive and tiredness effects tests.

After a diagnosis of sleep apnea, it is time to find the perfect treatment for you

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