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Posted: December 13, 2016

John describes his journey from CPAP to Oral Appliance Therapy. He was originally diagnosed with sleep apnea over 15 years ago. While effective it was cumbersome and not well suited to his preferred position of stomach sleeping.

Amazing Results with TAP Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance in Chicago

Watch The Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haxLDg8ZZfA

John originally wore the TAP 1 Appliance by Airway management. The TAP 1 appliance is historically the single most effective appliance for severe sleep apnea. It is very easy for patients to titrate on their own at home. After the snoring is eliminated a follow-up sleep study is required to insure success.Dr Shapira will usually start severe patients with a TAP 1 appliance because of ease of use and extremely successful history with patients.

Spouse love the volume control that allow them to "turn down the volume of snoring with a volume control knob.

After several years of wearing the TAP Appliance John changed to a Somnodent appliance from Somnomed. It is a Dorsal Fin Appliance and allows patients to easily open and close their mouth with the appliance in place, drink from glass without a straw and talk easily with the appliance in.

After several years of happily wearing the Somnodent Appliance John felt it was time for a replacement appliance and is now transfering to the Micro 02 appliance which is a modified Dorsal Fin. It is unique due to Cad Cam Manufacture, and that it is the easiest appliance to keek clean. It has a very low profile in the mouth and is extremely comfortable. It is less bulky the the Somnomed appliance and is very well designed for comfort..

Dr Shapira is one of a small group of dentists who is using the DNA Appliance and RNA version not just to treat sleep apnea but to actually offer a possible long term cure of Sleep Apnea by orthopedically growing the jaws and Pneumopedically growing the airway.

There are over 100 appliances currently available and Dr Shapira is widely considered an expert at treating the most severe patients who want CPAP alternative. Many patients come to Dr Shapira after problems with previous appliance therapy.

Dr Shapira has been actively treating Snoring and Sleep Apnea since 1982. He did research as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Rush Medical School in the 1980's until the early 1990's. He returned to Rush as an Assistant Professor in the late 1990's until early this century.

Dr Shapira sees Chicago patients in his Highland Park office. Dr Shapira frequently sees long distance patients. This Sleep Apnea Testimonial / Oral Appliance Testimonial is only one of thousands of patients Dr Shapira has treated over the last 35 years.

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