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Posted: December 9, 2016

Mike describes his experience with CPAP. Since he found it loud and uncomfortable, he tried an alternate option. Dr. Shapira, in Highland Park, Illinois, provided him with a dental appliance for his sleep apnea and snoring. Mike has used this appliance for 6 years now and has found relief and has been able to get better, healthier sleep. 


 to learn how we can use neuromuscular dental techniques to help with your sleep apnea and snoring. Sleep disorders often result in fatigue, trouble concentrating, memory loss, relationship problems, a decrease in job performance, among other effects. Simple dental devices are available to help you stop snoring, breath right, and get the sleep you need. We are located in Chicago, Illinois.

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Mike: Hi, my name is Mike Olsen and I had been suffering from sleep apnea for many years, and did sleep studies and tried the CPAP on two different occasions unsuccessfully; could not tolerate it. Did more research and found that Dr. Shapira had a dental appliance that might help me with my mild to moderate sleep apnea. Visited him and have been working with that appliance now for roughly six years with tremendous success. It’s kind of like the old Sominx commercials: Safe and restful sleep is what I’m getting today, which I never got during the years I worked.

And the real testimonial is my wife. My wife is a very light sleeper and she would lay awake at night worried about me taking my next breath when I’d get into the sleep apnea mode. And she is not only sleeping better because I’m sleeping better, my snoring is virtually gone and I feel great. I retired about seven years ago and relocated to the Madison, Wisconsin area but I do come back to visit Dr. Shapira and for consultation and to continue to fine tune my appliances and hopefully to continue with this for the rest of my life.

Dr. Shapira: Good. Can you tell us why you’re head’s shaking a little?

Mike: The reason my head is shaking is because I’m in a chair that’s a vibration chair. It does a massage and it does a wonderful job. I’m very relaxed right now and I really appreciate it. I hear it was a very expensive chair, and I can see why. It does a great job. It will put Miss Susan’s out of business.

Dr. Shapira: Okay. So would you ever consider going back to CPAP?

Mike: Never. I would never consider going back to CPAP because of the fact that the noise and I’m essentially cured if you will based on my dental appliance.

Dr. Shapira: Great. Thank you very much.

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