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Posted: March 23, 2017

Chronic occipital headaches are usually not a primary neurological phenomenom but are related to postural considerations including breathing, forward head posture, rotation of the head at Occipital-Atlas-Axis joints and referred myofascial pain and nerve compression injury.

These are not problems that should be addressed with medication but rather physical medicine, chiropractic treatment, osteopathic treatment, correction of underlying TMJ and breathing issues.

The connections of the head position to the jaw position has been well explained by the quadrant theorem of Guzay.

Myofascial pain is probably the cause of the majority of occipital pain but is not the root of the problem.  The website www.triggerpoints.net is an excellent primer in myofascial pain conditions.  Nerve entrapment inside of taut muscle bands of myofascial disorders can often contribute to neurologic type symptoms but are actually secondary issues.  Correction of posture and breathing is key.

Combining Epigenetic Orthodontics/ orthopedics with neuromuscular dentistry is the best way to address underlying pathologies that lead to occipital headaches and related nerve entrapments.

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