Is Your CPAP Causing Cancer? Lung Problems? Headaches or Breathing Issues?

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Posted: July 1, 2021

Is your CPAP causing cancer?     Lung Problems?   Headaches or Breathing Issues?


Toxic waste from foam entering lungs!


Consider a comfortable oral appliance as a safe alternative.


Royal Philips NV recalled roughly 3.5 million ventilation devices used to treat sleep apnea and increased its cost estimate for addressing a defect that may potentially cause cancer. (bloomberg)


The company said some of its ventilators use sound-abatement foam that may degrade into particles that could be ingested or inhaled and potentially have toxic and carcinogenic effects. 


Exposure to the polyester-based polyurethane, or PE-PUR, foam that that can enter patients’ airways can cause headache, irritation, inflammation and respiratory issues, according to Philips. The company issued a recall notification only for the U.S., where around 65% of the devices were sold, and a field safety notice for the rest of the world.



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